Saturday, June 21, 2008

Under Construction

Hang with me as I play around with the settings on my blog. I am trying out
different templates till I find the one that I love. I like the colors on this one...
but I don't like how hard it is to read my quotes, people you should know, & the
what I've been reading sections. As I sat down to play with it, I realized I could sit
here for hours & scroll through all of the different templates. However, I don't
have time to sit for hours (I wish - LOL). So please hang tight as I try to get it
right :).
I am off to help the boys clean their rooms & to accomplish a few other chores
around the house. Then we are off to the water park. What are you doing today?
Anything fun & exciting? Trust me, anything is more exciting than cleaning Tanner
& Carter's room. It is a total wreck right now. Wish me luck!
Have a Happy Saturday!


Jacqueline said...

We were at the water park today too! We're living similar lives in different states!

Mamarazzi said...

i like the look of this template...clean and fresh looking.

good luck on the rooms...

i just organized Jordan's game room and went through all of our millions of games making sure all of their millions of pieces were in their right places. it had been a while since i had gone through everything, but it was fin and i am loving the new organized shelves. AND we found a few treasures that have been missing...Jordan was tickled pink!

Anonymous said...

Raimi -

I remember so well, cleaning our room during the summer! My sister and I would always want to re-arrange the furniture BESIDES doing that awful cleaning part!(I was the neat one and she was so messy it drove me nuts!) We would get tired somewhere in the middle (usually while some of the furniture was temporarily in the hallway)and have to have a popsicle break. Then we would get distracted and forget about it!! Later on when we least expected it we would go back to go to our room for something and just MOAN because we had forgotten that we were cleaning our room!! Then we'd have to finish and then collapse into bed! My mom must have been having a really good laugh inside as we struggled to complete our task - almost always at night.

Love, Free