Monday, September 24, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Hang with me! I am a few days behind on the BLOG. I want to record info from the soccer games so I will have the stats for the boys scrapbooks. Another Saturday, another round of soccer games. The weather was chilly & it even rained on us during Tanner's game. I am so grateful for Julie & her huge umbrella(thanks Julie). She kept Brody & I dry. The ref's didn't show up for Tanner's game so John jumped in & reffed the game. He was drenched, poor guy! Both teams are still undefeated & doing really well. Carter's team won 7 to 0. Carter scored 3 goals & enjoyed the game. Tanner's team won 4-2. Tanner scored 3 of those goals. Tanner played forward during the first half & then sat the first part of the 2nd half. The other team scored two goals in the second half so coach put Tanner back in & told him to score one more goal. The boy did what he was told & put us ahead by two. John & I love to watch our boys play soccer. It is so exciting. They love it & it is always a great game to watch. I'll leave you with a picture of Carter & his best pal J.


Stephanie said...

Cute boys, if I could say so myself!!