Sunday, September 9, 2007

First games of the season

Tanner & Carter love soccer! They live & breath it! They both enjoyed their first games this past Saturday! Both of their teams won & they both had awesome games & great contributions from each of them. Tanner got to play goalie for the first time & Carter had a great time playing the forward position. My intention was to take pictures but Mr. Brody wanted to be held during both games. I wasn't able to snap very many photos. I love this one of John sitting with his players giving them a pep talk before the game started. This will be our lives for the next two months. They love it & we love it! Game on!


Stephanie said...

Let the games begin!! J had so much fun, despite the heat, on Saturday with Coach John & the team. It's so crazy this time of year, but so much fun for the boys. I'm so glad John's J's coach! He's awesome.