Saturday, September 15, 2007

4 months

Brody is 4 months old today! He is doing so well & is still our happy, content baby.
He saw his Dr. today & everything looks good. He is in the 95 Th percentile for his height & weight.

At 4 months:
- he weighs 18 lbs. 9 ozs. (we are raising a future line backer)
- he is 26 inches long.
- he wears 6-12 months clothes
- he still wears a size two diaper(not for long)
- he can roll from back to tummy when he wants to.
- he sleeps thru the night (8:30 pm - 7 am)
- he is drinking 6 oz. @ each feeding
- he is happy & giggles all the time
- he reminds us of John's Mom, we catch little glimpses of her in his expressions daily
- he is ticklish, love the belly laughs we get!
- he likes sitting in his Bumbo seat (thanks Camie).
- he enjoys our walks in the morning, loves to look at the leaves blowing in the wind
- he is holding onto his toys & swatting at toys on his play gym
- he had his 4 month check & is healthy, got two shots today
- he loves his brothers & loves when they pay attention to him

We are looking forward to this next month & the growth he'll continue to make.
We love this boy & the sweet spirit he adds to our home!


Stephanie said...

What great pictures of Brody! He's growing SO fast. It was fun to visit & scrapbook last night! You're a good friend.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of Baby Brody! He looks so sweet with his little cherub cheeks, I wish I could squeeze them! :)