Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Me!

Garrett is loving preschool. He is excited to share his preschool masterpieces with us. We love that he has something that is just for him. He has watched the older boys go to school for years. Now that it is his turn...he is all smiles & talks about school all of the time. He came home with this work of art last week & the title reads "It's Me".


Anonymous said...

Hi Garrett -
I LOVE your picture! The colors remind me of one that my daughter made when she was six. The combination was so beautiful that I had it framed. It still hangs in my bedroom today even though she is now 23 years old! I still love looking at it. Keep painting and drawing!
Love, Free

katie said...

Love it. And I love that he looks so proud. Cute kid.