Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Another Saturday, another round of soccer games for the boys. Tanner's team won 7 - 3. Tanner scored 4 goals yesterday. It is so fun to watch him run up & down the field. He is fast & aggressive & loves the game. He got to play goalie during the 2nd half & that made him a happy boy. I'll be honest, it makes me nervous... he does well & can hold his own. Carter's team won 2-0. The team he played yesterday had won the week before with a score of 9-0. John's game plan for the team was DEFENSE. It worked. The boys worked so hard. They kept the other team from scoring. Carter didn't feel well yesterday, but he still played his little heart out & even scored a goal. We are enjoying the soccer season so far. I'll leave you with some pictures of tanner (#14).