Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My cousin Katie tagged me!

Where did you meet your husband? I met him @ a church activity.

What was the first thing you said to him? I have no clue, maybe HI!

Where was your first date? Our first official date (mind you we had been friends for while & went out in groups of friends) was to Tony Roma's for dinner & then we went to a movie. It was a chick flick & John had heard me mention that I wanted to see it. I forgot to mention that there were a dozen red roses waiting for me when I got home from work that day. So sweet & so thoughtful! He scored major points. There was a note telling me he'd see me @ 7 pm. What I didn't realize was that he had one red rose removed from the dozen & showed up on my porch with the 12th rose. It was very sweet & romantic. After the date he told me how he felt about me & that he loved me.

Where was your first kiss? In my parents family room after a movie.

How long did you date? Almost a year. We even dated while I was in Utah/LA working.

Did you have a long or short engagement? Not too long. We got engaged on the last day in Feb. & were married in September. About 7 months.

Where did you get engaged? We went to dinner @ Margaritaville (Mexican food) in Capitola. Went for a walk along the beach & then he proposed. He got down on one knee & asked me to marry him.

Where were you married? The Oakland Temple

How did the reception go? Great! It was fun! Tons of family & friends. It was a great day! Could have not been better!

Where did you honeymoon? We didn't take a honeymoon right away. We did spend the night @ the Fairmont Hotel. We were both in school full time & working full time. We went to Hawaii almost exactly a year later. We count that as our honeymoon.

**This is easy to do! I can't wait to read your answers. I am tagging Free, Stephanie, Amy, Jamie, Camie, Keri, Lisa, Julianne, Laurie, Lizzie, Annie & Amber (it can be your first blog post Amber). Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe you tagged me! I've been married three times as long as you....I've forgotten some of this stuff! But I'll try.
Love, Free

Anonymous said...

OK-I'm back. Got interupted.
Where did we meet?
Tony & I met in college. I was 17 (skipped 7th grade so started younger)and he was 23 (Just got home from Vietnam so was older!)

The first thing I said to him? Most likely "Hi" in a group at the school cafeteria as I was dating a friend of his at the time.

Our first date was a movie. Love Story I think. I do remember my sister dying laughing because he showed up in a three piece suit to pick me up!

Our first kiss? Can't remember - give me a break it was 37 years ago! I can tell you our most recent kiss was this morning! Lips are still working!!

We dated for four years - one of those years we were engaged. We became engaged at dinner at the Castaway's (I think that was the name..somewhere in San Mateo or Burlingame).

We were married at Church of the Nativity in Menlo Park. The reception was great - at the Cabana Hotel in Palo Alto. Here's a bit of trivia: I made my own wedding dress AND the bridesmaid dresses! Most people don't know that about me.

We didn't take a honeymoon right away either. We were both working. We did take a cruise to Mexico two years later so that was our real honeymoon.

Good luck to the rest of those tagged by you!

Love, Free

Raimi said...

Hey Free!

That was fun to read! Thanks for sharing! I am so impressed that you made you own dress & the bridesmaid dresses too-WOW! You are super talented dear freind!