Friday, May 23, 2008

Randomness for Friday

It's Friday & I don't have much to report. I thought I would just post random things that are running thru my mind. Here we go!

Can the price of gas go up any higher? Please don't answer that with a YES! I paid $91.00 to fill up my Tahoe yesterday-OUCH! I think I better have John get my bike down so I can dust it off & start using it! It is already equipped with a baby seat on the back.

Speaking of gas, Tanner left me a stack of papers to look @ this morning that had been graded & returned to him. Each week, they have to write sentences using their spelling words. This is one of my favorite papers for him to receive back. Mr. B will leave funny comments next to the sentences. My jaw about hit the counter when I read those sentences today. For one of the sentences, Tanner wrote "I farted during the test". Mr. B's comment to that one was "that's gross, keep it clean "with kind of a half smiley face. I shrieked Tanner's name (he had been watching me read them) & he started to laugh. He said "I did my homework while you were @ work last week". I about died. We don't use that "F" word @ our house. I know, I know - it could have been something far worse. I don't know what is worse, the fact that he wrote that sentence or that maybe he did fart during a test (by the way, he did not)???? Life with boys! I'll tell ya, there is NEVER a dull moment! And yes, this is why you should have your children complete their homework right after school when you can pay full attention to what they are writing.

I Loved, Loved, Loved Grey's Anatomy last night! One of the few shows that I REALLY missed while the writers were on strike. I am so happy that McDreamy & Meredith are getting back together. Well, that's the way it ended last night. Who knows what next season will bring!!

I am still enjoying a clean house. Enough said!

Brody loves to dance. As soon as he hears music, he starts to bop up & down. His song of choice yesterday was Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Beddingfeld. It is so stinkin' cute. I will have to try & get it on video.

I am really enjoying David Archuleta's rendition of Imagine. Who did you vote for? I love American Idol but I can honestly say I did not see one episode of this season. So sad for me.

I want to scrapbook. Yet @ the same time, I have no desire or creative mojo this week. Does that even make sense?? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my scrapbook room looks like the crazy winds we experienced yesterday blew thru my room. Maybe I should get off of this computer & go clean it up to see if that inspires me.

John's car was broken into this week. The only thing they took was John's stereo. While John does not have music to listen to during his 40 minute commute (each way) to work, we still had to laugh. It was a cheap stereo & my Gwen Steffani CD was stuck in the CD player. Yeah for the stupid crooks who thought they were smart/lucky!

Baseball season is almost over. WOOT-WOOT! Looking forward to the last two games next week. We have a baseball free weekend, what ever will we do?????

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to shop @ the Super Wal*Mart??? I know I am saving money but the check out lines drive me crazy. A lady decided to use the self check out. Usually this is not a problem. But when you only have 20 things in your cart & 15 minutes till you need to pick up your preschooler & you end up behind this lady who proceeds to check out her cart of 200 items. If that was not bad enough, she then pulls out her 200 coupons for those 200 items & doesn't know how to scan them. UUGHHHHHH! Not a fun shopping day!

The boys only have about three weeks of school left. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I am not sure if I am ready for summer break!

We just finished Brody's last can of formula this week. I don't ever have to purchase formula again. Do you know how huge this is? We have been buying formula off & on for the last 9 years. Do you know how much money I will save????

I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous Friday. We are going to get Brody's haircut(his 1st) today. Wish us luck! Stay tuned for photos. Any plans for the holiday weekend? I hope it is a great one, filled with sunshine & the things you love.


Julie said...

have fun weekend and totally understand the NO more formula thing too.I'm just working no more diapers.

Jacqueline said...

I so understand the Walmart check out line thing. I also go crazy when the checker and customer then discuss everything under the sun when I am in a hurry. And I'm usually in a hurry trying to get back to get Mason before preschool ends. When I didn't have to buy formula or diapers anymore it was such a relief. Almost a little freeing! I don't think I'm ready for summer either. I think a four week vacation would be perfect!

Mamarazzi said...

perfect timing on the formula thing...with gas prices...OUCH!

we are counting the days for school to be out too...J is doing a month of summer school, poor kiddo...but at least it's a shorter day for her.

Anonymous said...

With all that extra formula money, you'll have plenty for gas!! LOL. You do realize McDreamy said "wait for me - I'll be right back"...just think how many things the writers could come up with for things to happen while she's waiting for him...besides a bonfire with all those bags she's got lit on the hill!!
Hugs, Free