Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy First Birthday

The day has arrived. My baby is ONE today! It has been the fastest year of my life. It feels like I just gave birth to this sweet boy yesterday! I'm glad it wasn't yesterday. He has brought so much LOVE & JOY into our home. It has been a fabulous year.
We have enjoyed an easy going, calm day. After we dropped Garrett off @ preschool, we went & ordered Brody his own 6 in. birthday cake from Safeway. Kind of a bummer that they don't do the free birthday cakes anymore. The lady @ the Bakery gave him a cookie (w/ my permission) & he went to town. He hasn't had very many sweets up until this point. Ummm yeah, we'll just say that he LOVED the cookie. We have hung out, read books & did the lunch thing @ home. It has been a nice morning/afternoon.
We ended the day with cupcakes & presents. Aunt Heidi & the girls called to sing Happy Birthday to Brody. It was so cute, he was singing with them & didn't want to give the phone back.

At 12 months this is what Brody is up to:
-weighing in @ 26 lbs. 3 oz..
-he is 32 in. long.
-he wears a size 4 diaper.
-his clothing size is 18 mo. - 2 T.
-he got his 1st pair of big boy shoes, gotta love Stride Rite.
-he puts everything in his mouth- keeps Mom up to speed on the cleaning the floors.
-he has learned how to get up on the sofa, kitchen chairs, & coffee table, nothing is safe!
-he loves to take baths. He will fill his cup with water & then dump it out.
-he loves to unload drawers, specifically my t shirt drawer!
-Loves to suck on the baby lotion bottle-don't ask.
-he enjoyed juice (1/2 water) in his sippy cup for the first time.
-he went to the beach for the first time. Loved the sand but hated the water.
-he still takes 2 naps-one in the morning & one in the afternoon.
-can say the word "noooooo". Wonder where her learned that????
-he loves when you sing to him, a few favorites are "Happy Birthday", "If You're Happy & You know it" & The Wheels On the Bus".
- loves his blankie. He gets so upset if the boys tease him & run around with it.
-he receives compliments all the time on what a happy baby he is. He loves to smile @ everyone.
-still has 6 teeth-four up, 2 down.
-he likes to dance. If he hears music, he will start to bop up & down.
-he is on the verge of running. Likes to walk everywhere.
-he loves fruit puffs by Gerber & Fruity Cheerios.
Happy Birthday Baby Brody! We Love You so much!


Lisa said...

Sounds like an enjoyable morning!! You do have your arms full. He was quite busy the other morning for me. I love his smile!!

Annie said...

How time flies. He is very handsome! May is a great month for a birthday:) Happy Birthday Brody!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday beautiful boy! Your first year has gone so're a big boy now.
Your mom is the best....enjoy her love.

Hugs to you,

katie said...

Congrats on surviving the first year. It goes so fast, as you know. Happy Birthday Brody!

Stephanie said...

Hope you had a great birthday, Brody! Such a cute little boy .. a busy one at that (I agree, Lisa!) Can't believe he's in a size 4 diaper already.

Danny & Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to Brody! You made it with 4 boys Raimi! You are amazing. Can't wait to celebrate with you!

Elaine said...

Wow! Happy Birthday to Brody! We just celebrated Katie's birthday last Friday. But she is a little peanut! She barely weighs 17 lbs and can still fit a size 2 diaper! Well, I guess it's good for a girl to be smaller. :)