Thursday, May 8, 2008

Three Word Answers about me

What I am doing: blogging, chores , shopping

What I’m proud of today: showered by 7

What I’m thinking about: shopping @ Gap

Who is home: 2 boys, me

Plans tonight: movie @ home

My weekend was: filled with baseball

What’s for dinner: I don't know

Feelings about love: thankful for it

Feelings about life: content, happy, grateful

What I need: lots more sleep

What I want: A happy family

My pet peeve: rudeness in general

My guilty pleasure: my alone time

What you don’t know about me: One big sap

What I can hear: boys playing chase

What I can smell: my eternity perfume

My style: simple, cute accessories

My hairdo: need a haircut

My outfit: Capri's, flip flops

My mood: tired but happy

The weather today: blue sky, sunshine

Thoughts on parenting: love, kindness, rewarding

Thoughts on marriage: grateful for hubby

Thoughts on politics: makes me crazy

Thoughts on celebrity gossip: I am interested

Thoughts on beauty: it is everywhere

Thoughts on sleep: don't get enough

Thoughts on writing: I try hard

My favorite appliance: my red vacuum

My favorite car: fits my family

My favorite splurge: pedicures, itunes, books

My favorite beauty secret: protect your skin

My favorite treat: Coldstone ice cream

My favorite everyday pleasure: diet coke, children

Ten years ago: pregnant with Tanner

Five years ago: bought first home

One year ago: waiting for Brody

One year from now: won't be pregnant

Five years from now: shy of 40- (am I that old???)

Ten years from now: Tanner on mission

I’m famous for: my Raimi doll

I’ll never be famous for: my singing voice

Who I am: concerned kind person

Who I hope to be: great Mom, wife

What I’m thankful for: my blessings galore


katie said...

"my Raimi doll"....i'm intrigued! I think this qualifies for a post.

Stephanie said...

LOVED your list! What a great one. One of my guilty pleasures is my alone time, too. Love that one!!

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Great idea. Enjoy some time alone this weekend - I hope you get a few minutes!

Lisa said...

I thought the same thing, "What's a Raimi doll??"

Jamie said...

Raimi, I love the playlist of music you have on your blog!! I could just leave my computer on your blog all day to hear the good music! ;)
I had fun reading your answers to this! =)

Mamarazzi said...

FUN list...i wanna know more about the Raimi doll. coldstone is my fave guilty pleasure, do you make your own mix or choose one of theirs?

thank you soooo much for your very sweet comment on my blog the other day. you truly made my day!!

Anonymous said...

Three words about me today:


Hugs, Free

Meridee said...

I love Raimi!