Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teacher Gifts

So what do you give your kids school teachers @ the end of the year? I have always struggled with this! I think the world of teachers, specifically the ones my children have been lucky enough to get so far. They are amazing, patient, talented, kind & funny. I always want to give them something that will be considered nice, practical & fun. At the same time, I can't break the bank while doing so. Garrett has a total of 4 teachers (& an aide) between preschool & his speech classes. Tanner & Carter each have a teacher too. It can get pretty pricey. I always hope the gift we give will be something that they will LOVE & USE. This year, Garrett's speech teachers received a beach towel (purchased on sale), sunscreen & fun magazine. I tied them up with cute ribbon & made a tag to match. It screamed fun & summer.
Please,please,please share your ideas for teachers gifts so I can add them to my file for future years.

Yesterday was Garrett's last day with Miss Erin. Miss Erin is his cute, fun, young speech teacher. He has enjoyed one on one time with her each week. She has really helped Garrett this past year. He has loved his Tuesdays with Miss Erin. She let him decide what he wanted to do/play with for his last day. He chose was to play some games on the computer.

It was also his last official day of Preschool with Miss Christy & Miss Jenn. We have a party @ the park tomorrow to officially end the school year. They had a little promotion ceremony. After the parents were all seated, the children came in & sang two songs. Most of them just giggled & made funny faces instead of singing. It was very sweet. Then they received their certificates. Miss Christy put together a DVD with all of the pictures from the school year. You could hear the kids saying "Hey, that's me". It was very entertaining to watch. As if that wasn't enough, they sent him home with a little nap sack(that Garrett painted) with his ABC binder, the DVD, a homework packet for the summer& a goodie bag. WOW!

Miss Christy & Garrett
Garrett & friends from preschool.

Garrett showing off his nap sack-so cute!
Today was Garrett's last day of speech with Miss Lori. She is fabulous! Garrett has come such a long way. We can actually understand what he is saying & now he just doesn't stop talking-LOL! They had a party this morning. They made ice cream cone art projects, had cookies & enjoyed the morning with their friends. Garrett's friend Aaron brought bubbles for everyone. Garrett is going to miss his Mondays & Wednesdays with Miss Lori.
He has enjoyed a couple of days filled with back to back parties. I am so grateful for the wonderful teachers he has been blessed with. I appreciate all of the time, love, & energy that they put into their jobs on a daily basis. They sure so make a difference in these little peoples lives. Hats off to all of the wonderful teachers out there!


Julie said...

Your boys are so cute. Thanks for the great idea!

Now It's Just Camie... said...

Hi Raimi - did you check out Heather White's Teacher Appreciation gifts? I liked the book she and her son made of the 5 favorite things about his teacher - You could so do that :0)! I ordered the "teacher magnetic picture frame" from chatterbox - it was similar to Heather's and I put a cute picture from Susie's class fieldtrip to the zoo. Mrs. B seemed to like it!

Mamarazzi said...

so cute! love the teacher gift idea!!

your kids are adorable!

Mamarazzi said...

oh AND i forgot to tell you i left a little love for you on my blog...come and get it..AND pass it on!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there-
I wish I could remember how I got over to your blog...but I can't.

I think your teacher's gift was adorable as are your kiddos.

I am working on putting together a file too and then I can pass it along to you!

Have a great day-

Julie said...

what great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Raimi -
You are always soooooo thoughtful and kind! Your gifts are always so "happy" and just the right thing!
Love, Free

katie said...

Shoot make all of us (well, at least me) look bad. At least we're on year-round and I have until July to plan.

Jacqueline said...

Such a cute cute teacher gift idea. I'm so going to remember that for next year. Raimi, you always get the creative award!

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Can I be you kids' teacher? I am wild for your teacher gift. You are super creative!

The Dalebout family said...

you are so cute! you always have thoughtful fun stuff. I have been trying to think of some cute gifts as well. you have inspied me.