Friday, May 16, 2008

Belated Mother's Day Tea

Our school had STAR testing everyday last week. So instead of interrupting their testing schedule, the room moms in Tanner's class hosted a belated Mother's Day tea yesterday. We met our children in the classroom during the last 45 minutes of school. They had created a place mat for each one of us Moms & served us lunch while we sat & visited. We had finger sandwiches, yummy strawberries, scones, different flavors of tea, juice(I opted for the juice)& chocolate cake. What a treat! I am glad that I was able enjoy lunch with Tanner & his classmates. After we were done eating, each student had to introduce their Mom & say what they like or appreciate about her. Some of the kids answers were funny. One boy said that his Mom knows how to make the best Top Ramen. Another boy said he appreciated that his Mom was "Kind of nice". Another boy went into a long winded story about how his Mom was picked up 15 feet off the ground when a Tornado had hit many years ago. I gathered a ton of info in that short 10 minutes of introductions-LOL. Tanner said that he likes that I am a good cook & that I am kind. It was very sweet of him. It was a wonderful afternoon with Tanner.

Tanner & Mom enjoying lunch.

The place mat that Tanner created for me.


Stephanie said...

How fun! Tanner looks very proud. I would have loved to do a Mother's Day Tea with one of my kids. Thanks for your help today. I really, really appreciate it!!!

Mamarazzi said...

so fun...i am loving reading all about the Mother's Day Teas latley...soo cooool.

Tanner is a total DOLL! man you make some good looking kids!

katie said...

Yes, Tanner is a great looking kid. How fun to have "tea" with him. Very sweet.

Jacqueline said...

Looks like a very fun time. I need to get the Mother's Day tea started here. And you are kind Raimi!

Danny & Stephanie said...

I love Tanner! He is so handsome and sweet. He really is going to be President some day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanner--what a cute placemat. You are still the sweet boy I always enjoyed. And you are so right--your mother is kind. I would also add generous, thoughtful and a very special person. You are lucky to have her as your Mom!!
Hugs to you -