Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week in Review

No clever or cute title to this post. Just a week in review. My friend Stephanie brought Garrett home from his speech class this week and this is what greeted me @ the front door on Monday morning: You are My Sunshine! His teacher & the helper are so great!! Not only does he get help working on his speech & certain sounds weekly, but they do fun crafts & projects that ties the weekly theme in so well. He loves school!

Valentine's Day was fun! I know some people don't enjoy a holiday that tells them that they need to do something special for their loved ones but I REALLY do love Valentine's Day. John & I were able to enjoy lunch together & it was fun to see the boys enjoy all of the Valentine's & candy that they had received at school that day.

Friday was crazy hair day @ school. My boys love this day & the excuse it gives them to put crazy colors in their hair. We had blue & red spray & John helped put it in their hair.

On Friday morning, Garrett & I were able to attend a play with his preschool pals. It was the Three Little Pigs with a twist. It was very cute & kept the children entertained. It was a fun morning out with Garrett & our friends Stephanie & "T".

Tanner had a basketball game on Friday night. Those boys were the Come Back Kids. They played their hearts out & only lost by 2 points. They were down by 10 @ the start of the last period. It is amazing to see what a year in age does for the competiveness on the court. The boys on the other team were so aggresive & rough, kind of hard to watch. Our boys held their own.

Big news @ our house this weekend is that Carter's basketball team finally won their first game. It was a very competitive game. The score was very close during the entire game. Carter hit two clutch free throws & made a lay up with a minute left to go in the game, allowing his team to win by three points. He was one happy camper.

John & I spoke in Sacrament meeting today. I am glad our talks are done. One more thing to check off our list & to not worry about. John did an awesome job on his talk. He was asked to talk on Home Teaching. He used great examples & just really did a great job. Thank you for all of the feedback on the Small & Simple Things in your life on my blog post a few days ago. I used several of them today in my talk as examples, so thank you. All of your comments really made me realize that Small & Simple things/acts of kindness really do go long way & can really make a big differnce in ones attitude. So thank you so much for your help.

We have enjoyed a quiet day @ home. I am so grateful for Sundays & the chance it gives us to relax & regroup after a long week. We hope you are enjoying your day!

P.S. Tomorrow night is Make & Take Monday @ the scrapbook store. We will be making a one page layout with simple stamping techniques. I believe you can drop in anytime between 5-8 pm. I am not sure what the fee is but it shouldn't be very much!


Anonymous said...

It was a very busy week. I was sick all week so I had a chance to stay home most days to drive the kids to school. Carter's game was so exciting. It came down to the wire. Raimi gave an excellent talk. She was shining on the pulpit while she bore her testimony. Great job honey.


Lisa said...

What a busy and fun week you had. Your talks were great!!! I wish my kids were better so I could have heard all of it. I always enjoy hearing you speak. I can't come to make and take(I'm sad) we have my grandfathers birthday dinner. I hope there will be extras so I can come on Tuesday and buy one. It looked cute!! Thanks for always letting me know.

TheVasquez3 said...

wow busy week...kind of fun to see it all in a review like that! great pics and super cool hair on those boys!!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, you guys both did great on your talks on Sunday. I cannot believe that you haven't spoken in church for almost 5 years! How did you manage that!?? Oh, and great job on your basketball game, Carter!!

katie said...

Mike and I had to speak yesterday too. I'm so glad it's done. Hopefully we're not due for another 4 years or so. Glad to hear your talks went well.