Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warmth & Sunshine

This is why we live in California! We were able to enjoy a wonderful, warm afternoon with some friends @ the park. Hello!!!! it is the end of February & we enjoyed the warm sunshine. Have I mentioned how warm it was today-wink? Tanner will tell you it is HOT (because there is no rain or wind). The boys were in shorts & happy to be outside & running around. Brody enjoyed going down the slide for the first time with Tanner. Garrett was evil Kan-evil on his bike. This boy was popping wheelies on his two wheeler. Hello!!!! he is three. And Carter...this boy had about 5 girls from school chasing him around the park (picture is blurry but you get the idea). It was hilarious & I think he secretly loved it! I am so thankful for the warm weather & am SO GLAD I live in California :). I hope you all are enjoying the sunshine wherever you live!
P.S. Tanner's AND 1 basketball team won their semi final playoff game tonight by 4 points. It was awesome. We are going to the finals on Saturday! Tanner is so pumped. His positive thinking all the way to the game worked. He repeated to himself over & over again: "We are going to win". It wasn't in a cocky way, just self motivating! It was very cute & it worked. I am so proud of him.


TheVasquez3 said...

i love living in California too!! its worth the extra few bucks huh?!

Jordan thought it was warm emough to swim today...she changed her mind when she dipped her toes into our unheated pool!! BRrrrrr!

but the sunshine...Oh. So. Good.

katie said...

Well, Utah is 50 degrees today, tomorrow close to 60, but with wind. I hate wind. Then more snow coming next week. Kind of crazy.

Stephanie said...

It's been gorgeous here in CA! We had fun at the park, too. My boys were so tired from playing so hard. Congrats, Tanner, on the positive thinking and the win!

Lisa said...

We wish we could have joined you. It lloked fun!! We were way too busy.