Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend get away!

I am home! I enjoyed a great weekend away. It was a fabulous weekend filled with lots of scrapbooking, girlfriend time, & lack of sleep :). There were 9 of us girls who went this year & we had a blast. We enjoyed music, movies, good food, sunshine, the 1000 piece puzzle, jokes, stories about our families, & staying up way too late. You would not believe the amount of scrapbook stuff that was toted up to the beach. We even had lap tops, printers, scanners & electronic die cut machines. We were high tech @ the beach. Eve & Debby did an amazing job planning all of the details, great & small. There was a scrapbook survival goodie bag @ each of our tables. It was loaded with candy, chapstick (homemade by Eve), band-aids, gum & a cute little quote on how you know you're a scrapbooker when... Then when we went to bed on the first night, there was a cute Valentine bag with a piece of choclate & Valentine candy on everyones night stand. Very sweet & very thoughtful. We had a little check list that was passed out. It had things to complete while scrapbooking. For each item completed (things like creating a page with hot pink on it, completing a Christmas page, scrapbook a page about you & your hubby, help someone learn to use a new tool, etc..) we received a raffle ticket. So through out the weekend, lots of prizes were given away. Denise & I ended up winning the grand prizes. They were cute scrapbooking totes/bags! I was able to complete 15 layouts this weekend. After my page a day in January & a weekend of scrapbooking, I have had my share of scrapbooking for a long while.

Some highlights & favorite memories/quotes for me during the weekend were:
-Having one of my best friends, Michelle drive up from the Bay Area (she is a wonderful friend & I miss her) it is was great to spend time with her.
- Eve sharing her story about her son & "Busting a Grumpy".
- Hearing about how Matt is related to our new propeht (2nd cousin 3 times removed or something along those lines)
-that Cornflakes can be used as a topping for all foods.
- Green jello with shredded cheese on a bed of lettuce(EEEEWWWWW)
- Denise needs to be a rep for Club Scrap, this girl loves their paper :).
-Homemade Tortillas
-My DJ bling from Eve & Debby. I was in charge of the music last year(keeping the music on & picking Cd's to play) & they brought my DJ bling from the dollar store this year-it was a crack up.
-Michelle was saying her prayers one night (@ about 2 am) & Denise comes in the room & says "what are you doing"? while giggling. Denise was wondering why Michelle was doing Yoga @ 2 am???
-Giggling @ 2 am(& not being able to stop) while listening to text messages that were sent as jokes- "what you doing"? "I'm calling you, ring ring". "I like ponies, do you like ponies"?

I know some of these are things you just had to be there for but I wanted to get them down so I would remember them.

It was an awesome weekend filled with fun, laughter & the things I love to do. I am looking forward to next year. John was amazing & took care of EVERYTHING while I was away. I know it was a crazy weekend for him but I am so grateful that he knows how important it is for me to get breaks from time to time. Thanks sweetie!

Thanks for the Memories girls, you are the best.


katie said...

I'm officially jealous. However I'm glad you're back. We've missed you. Good job John. You and Mike might make good contestants for "father of the year". Seriously, I think they're a lot alike. No worries when the mom is gone.

Stephanie said...

What an AWESOME weekend!! I would love to do a girlfriend's retreat somewhere, somehow. You must feel very refreshed and energized, especially from all of the laughter.

Denise said...

Very impressive slide show - but how did that picture of me, and my gut, get in there!!! You're pictures were great.

mmdeakin said...

AWESOME! You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for your nice comments. After our crazy morning here, I'm ready to go back! Thanks for all the great pictures!


Lisa said...

Oh, I so want to do something like that. Looks like you guys are back in high school. So much fun!!!!! I love your bling bling picture and the sunset looked so beautiful.
I want to take a closer look at your layouts, they were really good. Well, when aren't yours. I had fun tonight at GT, it was short but so nice!! They are making me some cute tea cup die cuts. I can't wait to see them. I was hoping to watch them do it, but they were busy.

Danny & Stephanie said...

That looks like so much FUN! I am so glad you had such a great time away with good company. You deserve it. And a round of applause to John! What a nice hubby. Ok, so now I want to go.

Annie said...

How fun!! Katie and I are doing a 12 hour scrap on Saturday...I think that's all my brain can steps to the whole weekend!!!

Keri and Corey said...

I soooo need one of those weekends. I had one a few years ago with my friends from utah, and hearing your post made me think about how fun it was. I just wanted to thank you for the cute gift you sent us for brodey! what a suprise!! I have been meaning to send you a real thank you note, but thought I should tell you before you thought I did not get it or was just rude. so thanks so much. I really don't know how you have time to be thoughtful, on top of everything else.... keri