Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HELP & Valentine's Eve

I am asking for your help tonight! I am hoping you each will take a minute & respond. When you hear the words "Small & Simple Things" what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You can sum it up in one word or lay it out there for me (examples are great too)! I'll explain later. Thanks in advance for your help.

On to fun & exciting things! We have been getting ready for Valentine's Day. I baked sugar cookies by the dozen last night. We frosted those sugar cookies today. We have been busy addressing Valentines for classmates, & we have wrapped treats for our neighbors & the people we VT/HT. I found these cute little ceramic heart shaped dishes(in white, pink, & red) @ Michael's. I made sugar cookies that fit right into the heart shaped dish & made a tag to go with them. The boys will love delivering them tomorrow. Tanner & Carter are very excited for their class parties tomorrow. I am sure it will be one big sugar fest.

We hope you enjoy a day that is filled with those you love! Happy Valentine's Day!


TheVasquez3 said...

ok i am on this one...these are the first things that come to mind when i think of small and simple things (that make me smile or feel good).

Small and Simple things..

a smile from a stranger

the sound of a child laughing

the smell of clean laundry

bubble baths

yummy smelling candles

spring rain

long rides with the top down and the music up

long phone calls from friends or family far away

that "sexy look" by one you love from across a crowded room that says really good things are instore once we get outta here.

a love note scribbled on anything, even the back of a receipt.

watching your child sleep knowing you helped them have an amazing day.

walks that last forever, holding hands and chatting about anything or nothing at all.

waking up after a really good sleep.

puppy breath. puppy kisses.

no red lights when you are running late.

knowing people you love are home waiting for you to arrive.

i am not exactly sure what you were looking for...but it was fun to write so i am hoping it helps...if i am totally off, delete so i don't look stoooopid!

Lisa said...

Hi Raimi,
Wow, I just baked the cookies, you even frosted them.

"small & simple things"(is this for Sunday?)
brand new baby
teeny tiny toes
child's testimony
innocent questions
a smile
holding a door open
phone call, just to say HI
holding another's crying baby
a prayer of thanks
doing the dishes

let me know if you need more.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Annie said...

Small and Simple things...makes me think of 'its the thought that counts'. I would rather have a card that had some thought put into it, than some expensive gift that was purchased to satistfy some guilt. Also homemade things. They are usually simple, yet elegant.

Your cookies look good. I made a whole batch for young women's last night. Didn't get to bring one home!!!

Julie said...

small and simple-

being like a child
Book of Mormon
notes from family
a nap
going out alone with out kids
having a day when all goes well
kids who listen

katie said...

Things that don't take much effort but make someone feel loved and appreciated. One thing that I do with my girls is every tuesday on our way to the bus stop, we stop at every house along the way and pull everyone's garbage cans in. It doesn't take much effort at all on our part and my girls really love to help.
Taking dinner to an expectant mom because she just looked like she needed it. I had someone do that for me and it made my day.
I think just looking for ways to serve others without having to go to extreme measures.

Stephanie said...

Small & Simple Things:

a hug
a smile
a phone call to say 'I'm thinking of you'
the sunset
a love note
a wink (to convey 'I understand you')
spoken sincere thanks

I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's what came to me right now.