Friday, February 29, 2008

Coyote of the Month

Tanner received the Coyote of the Month (kind of like Student of the month) award @ school today! It is supposed to be a surprise to the students. The kids have caught onto the note sent home @ the end of the month addressed to their parents. When Tanner saw me @ school, I tried to play it off like I was there for the Friday sing. I told him I was there for the music :). I guess the surprise is to see which award they are getting. There are usually one to two students who get the award for the character trait & one who gets Coyote of the Month. This months character trait that they focused on was RESPECT. Mr. B. said "Tanner meets & exceeds all of the 3rd grade standards & that he is a student that comes to school every day with enthusiasm. He is happy to be here, happy to learn, & happy to do his best".

Tanner's best friend Jake received Coyote of the Month in his classroom this month too! Way to go boys!!!

Keep up the great work Tanner. Dad & I are so proud of you!


TheVasquez3 said...

that is AWESOME!!! i love when schools recognize the REAL stuff, the stuff that is going to carry a kid through life...values!

TheVasquez3 said...

oh and ummm i didn't realize it until i did a little clickety to biggify the pics...Mr. B is a hottie! hellooooo

Stephanie said...

Good Job, Tanner!! That is such a big deal to get the Coyote of the Month. Keep up the great work.

katie said...

Way to go Tanner. I remember once being the mustang of the month. Good job.