Thursday, January 10, 2008

This One Is For John!

So my hubby says I stay up too late! If he falls asleep before I get into bed, he can usually tell what time I've gone to bed by the time stamp on my blog entries! is not even dinner time & my post is complete for the day!

This is another layout for one of my classes @ the scrapbook store! I know, I know... it has pink on it! I figure that I am the Mom & that I am the one creating the pages :). For once I used pink. I don't get to do that very often. Kind of fun! I need to add some journaling & slip it into the green pocket on the bottom right! These are some more pictures that were taken by my talented friend Amy (thanks Amy). It is also one of the layouts I created for my layout a day challenge. I have completed 10 two page layouts & one single page layout! I am on track to be entered into the grand prize drawing @ the end! If anything, I am happy to be getting a ton of pages done for Brody's book.
I'll see you tonight John :)! Love you!


katie said...

Another great layout Raimi. I love seeing your work.

Stephanie said...

You are such a talented woman!! I'm impressed that you are on par for the scrapbook challenge. Way to go!

Lisa said...

Cute page as always!! My husband feels the same way, we stay up way too late. Who needs sleep anyways.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like we (the Husbands) still come in second to scrapbooking. Thanks for coming to be early but I fear the overwhelming desire to post a blog will surpass your desire to sleep. It has to be better than watching re-runs on TV.

Love you