Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Calm Day At Home

A calm day @ home! John worked, the boys all had school, & Brody & I hung out @ home most of the day.

I spoke too soon! One week into the New Year & we have a sick one on our hands! We took Brody to the Dr. yesterday & the poor little man has pink eye & the start of an ear infection. He didn't nap very much yesterday. For a baby who likes to go-go-go, he just wanted to be held all day. Even though he is sick, he is still happy. He was so cute today. While I was helping the older boys with their homework, we noticed Brody sitting in the Family room with a little board book. He was actually flipping the pages & looking @ the pictures. He looked so cute with his little left leg tucked behind his bottom. I love when he sits like that.

Tanner started Scouts back up today. They have been on break with all of the holidays happening. He will be working out of the BEAR handbook this year. We had to take a picture of him because he no longer wears the yellow kerchief. We are on to the blue one. I love that he enjoys Scouts. It is a wonderful program (gasp... I never imagined saying that in my life time). I better get used to it with a house full of boys. It is a great program that teaches him new things & helps him to set new goals. I am glad he likes to work on the assignments & that it is not a bear to get him to do it!

Have a great day!


Stephanie said...

What great pictures of Brody & Tanner. My boys love cub scouts, too. It's so much fun for them. Glad Brody's feeling better. What a cutie!