Sunday, January 20, 2008

LOAD #20

Here is my LO for day #20 of the LayOut A Day challenge. I saw this LO on a scrapbook blog. I knew I had the perfect picture of Tanner for this LO. It is a total lift but I love it!

Thank you for all of your kind responses to my last post. It is great to have such wonderful friends & a fabulous support system. I love each of you & appreciate your kind thoughts & insights. Things are fine. Just a rough day & lots to think about!

Other news... our house is very quiet! My parents have all of the grand kids(9) @ their house this weekend for a sleep over. All of them except Brody. They are even taking them all to church this morning! Wish them luck! John, Brody & I enjoyed a nice dinner out last night using a gift card from the soccer team. It was very nice but weird w/out the older boys. When we called last night to say goodnight , all three of them said they were having SO MUCH FUN! My Dad sent us a few pictures through Snapfish. I will share them once he sends them via email.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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annie said...

I love reading your blog. You are so talented! Your boys are just adorable!!! Maybe after our road trip to colorado, we should plan one to california!

katie said...

I love it again Raimi. You're inspiring. And the sleepover thing.....I'm still waiting for my mom and dad to have all the grandkids over for a night. Trust me, it'll never happen. Hope you had a great weekend with just Brody and John. Lucky you.