Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We had a great time last night playing Operation & Chutes & Ladders with
the boys. We rang in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest & Dick Clark via the TV last night. Tanner stayed up till midnight with John & I. We went out front & did our confetti poppers, air horn & watched the crazy neighbors run up & down the street banning their pots & pans. Then we had some Martinelli's & sent tanner to bed. Carter had fallen asleep @ 11 pm. We tried to wake him up & midnight but he wanted nothing to do with the festivities @ that point.
We had a great day today! We were busy taking down Christmas decorations, hitting golf balls (John & the three older boys) @ the golf course, a trip to the scrapbook store (Brody & myself), we kicked off our Book of Mormon reading as a family for the New Year, & made a list of goals to work on in 2008. If all the other days this year are like today, we are set! How was your New Year's Day today?

I committed myself to a scrapbooking challenge. It started today. The end goal is to have completed a layout a day in January. It is thru the website "Big Picture Scrapbooking". There is a gallery where all participants must upload their layouts. There are prizes @ the end. My LO needs to be uploaded everyday by 9pm in order for it to count. It is going to be a challenge but I am excited. I completed two LO's today(See one above). We will see what tomorrow brings!

I hope every one's New Year is off to a great start!


Lisa said...

Loved the layout!! Too bad I didn't hear about the challenge sooner, I guess I can just do it myself. I got lots of paper at Joann's today(sale!) so I should be motivated.
Sounds like you had fun last night!! I love playing games with the kids. Also, I love all your goals with the family, I needed to be inspired. Thanks!
Happy New Year!!

katie said...

You're amazing. I saw something about this on Becky Higgins blog but I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it. Glad you had a fun New Years. Our day was very kick-back. We need more days like that.