Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a-z of me

I have seen this on a couple of blogs and thought I would play along. It has been awhile since I’ve done one of these and it is a great way to get to know bits and pieces about someone. Let me know if you play along!

{a} age :: 36...for 9 more days.
{b} bed size :: Queen...I know! I know! It is time for a bigger bed :-).
{c} chore you hate :: Putting laundry away. I don't mind the washing and folding.
{d} dogs :: None. I still haven't caved.
{e} essential start to your day :: Fitness MD (Fit Club workout).
{f} favorite color :: Red, but all of the colors come in a close 2nd. I love color.
{g} gold or silver :: Silver
{h} height :: 5’4 on a good shoe day.
{i} instruments you play :: I am so NOT musically gifted.
{j} job title :: Stay-at-Home Mama!
{k} kids :: Tanner(12), Carter(10), Garrett(7) and Brody(4),
{l} live :: Sunny California
{m} maiden name :: Davis
{n} nicknames :: Raim, honey
{o} overnight hospital stays :: Only overnight stays have been when I’ve had my babies.
{p} pet peeve :: Christmas lights that are left up all year long and tardiness.
{q} quote :: "Be SO happy that when others look at you, they become happy too!"
{r} righty or lefty :: Righty!
{s} siblings :: Two sisters and 2 brothers. I am the oldest.
{t} time you wake up :: 5:30 am
{u} university attended :: West Valley College in Saratoga, CA
{v} vegetables you dislike :: Celery and Brussel Sprouts-YUCK!
{w} what makes you run late :: I seriously try to be on time wherever I go.
{x} x-rays you’ve had :: Hand, arm, mouth
{y} yummy food :: Mexican food & Chocolate Chip Cookies
{z} zoo animal favorite :: Giraffe and monkey


katie said...

I hate putting laundry away and being late. And give me mexican food ANY day! We must be related. Lucky me.

brandi said...

i finally did {a-z} too...thanks for the inspiration.