Friday, October 14, 2011

date night

John had been talking about the Journey concert for months. They were scheduled to come out our way. I told him we should go. We would talk about it and then forget about it. Well, he decided the week of the concert that we needed to go. An evening spent listening to 80's music, I was totally on board. John found tickets for the lawn and we were good to go. This was the beautiful sky we enjoyed on our way out to the show.

This is the sunset we enjoyed while waiting for the show to start. Absolutely breath taking.

Up first, Night Ranger. They sounded great. John loved them. To be totally honest, I only knew one of their songs. John was flabbergasted that I only knew one song. Sister Christian was my song-haha. I will say (in my defense)that I AM the younger wife. While he was rocking out to Night Ranger, I was most likely b-bopping to New Edition :-). I had to laugh though, they still have their 80's rocker hair. Some things will never change.

Foreigner was up next. They got the crowd going. They sounded exactly like they did in the 80's. I knew most of their songs and happily sang along.

Journey finally took the stage at 9:30 pm. They played for a solid hour and a half. It had escaped my mind that the lead singers position had been filled with a guy they had found performing Journey songs via Karaoke. I thought the guy did a great job and sounded pretty darn good/close to the real thing. I loved singing along with the crowd to the old Journey favorites. I got major goosebumps when they sang Don't Stop Believing. Who doesn't love that song???

We have added another fabulous date night to the books. Thanks,honey!