Thursday, October 27, 2011

simply the best

She is the best! Meet my Grandma Shore. As many of you know, I adore my Grandma Shore. She is young at heart and always on the go. She is the one who invented Happy Monday's, Happy Wednesday's, Happy whatever. She would literally show up on your porch on a Wednesday, with some great item she had discovered. Well, she just couldn't buy one for herself, she'd buy you one too...making it a Happy Wednesday present. She is cute that way. When she had heard that I had dropped 60 lbs. (a few weeks ago) she sent me a very sweet note and a $60 check for the 60 lbs. I had lost. She figured I needed something new to wear. Boy was she right! It was so kind and so thoughtful. It was so very her. I have always been so grateful for her example, generosity and LOVE. She is simply the BEST!


ronnie said...

YES!!! Raimi, your granma is the BEST~!!! She has ALWAYS made me feel part of your family..for 41.5 years!! We love her AND her family (you)

katie said...

Love that lady!