Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Tangerines Kit Club

It's late...I'm not tired. It possibly could have something to do with that Diet Coke I enjoyed at 9:30 pm tonight. Note to self, limit the caffeine intake after 7 pm. I am up working on my Green Tangerines Kit Club stuff for May. I am having one of those "slow" scrapbook nights. I have been staring at the same layout for a while now. It needs something & it is just not happening at this hour. Maybe the light of day(in the morning) will help OR maybe I am tired & just need to stop fighting Mr. Sandman & GO to bed...who knows? I thought I would take a break & post my layouts from the March & April kits. You are going to get the April layouts first, Blogger is not letting me move things around tonight-ggrrrrr!

April Layouts:

March Layouts:

The Green Tangerines Blog Party is still going on. Head over to the Kit Club blog & answer their question & you will be entered into the drawing for fabulous scrapbook supplies. Hurry have nothing to lose...only super scrapbook supplies to add to your stash.


Nicole Millheim said...

Those are GREAT pages!!!!

Amy said...

They look awesome, as usual!

Kerrie said...

Raimi, You are so talented. I need some to rub off on me. Lets see I am only 11 years and 4 kids behind on scrapbooks.

Debby said...

Great layouts...especially the one of all those cool scrapbook friends (lol). Thanks for sharing!

I finished up two albums on Saturday at Scrappy Hour...Yeah! I'm starting to feel [a little] caught up on my scrapbooking projects.

Eve said...

You are one creative lady! You can not expect those juices to flow 24-7. Take a break and come back to it. Walk away....that always helps. Then you come back refreshed!
I like the one you did from the beach!

Danny & Stephanie said...

Ditto on the 3rd comment. I don't even know where to begin. I will have to just admire your amazing layouts! You are very talented. When is the next scrap booking night?