Saturday, June 13, 2009

Parties Galore

Seriously, this week has been one big party! Between yesterday & today, we had 5
parties to attend. Today was Tanner's "end of the baseball season" party. It was held at the Softball Arena. We played a Mom vs. the boys kickball game.

Here is Tanner's coach giving the boys a pep talk. I am pretty sure he is telling them to go easy on their Moms.

I was a a little reluctant @ first. After it was all said & done,I am glad we went & am glad that I played. It was so much fun! At the beginning, the boys were winning by a lot. I think the score keeper felt sorry for us because half way through the game, any time we would score a run, she would give us two points instead of one. That made the losing not so bad :-)!

The boys were PARTY 1 & the Moms were PARTY 2. See, we didn't loose by too much (wink-wink)

It sure was fun to play kickball with Tanner & Carter. Carter actually played for the Mom team & was a BIG help! I think he played the entire field for us during each & every play.