Monday, June 8, 2009

2nd Annual Lake Tahoe Girls escape

Where do I even start? I had an amazing weekend with some of the most amazing ladies I know! My weekend was so much fun that I often forgot to get my camera out.Between my friend Steph's photos & mine, I think I have enough for a layout. I guess I was living in the moment :-) not like me. We arrived in Tahoe just before dinner. This weekend was all about relaxing & flying by the seat of our pants. The little Mexican restaurant in the North Star village was closed so we headed out & drove around till we found something we could all agree on. Panda Express it was, or fake Chinese food as Jan called it :-)! The weather man was right, the high was 44 degrees during the day. It even drizzled all day long on Saturday. The sun was no where to be found. Despite the gloomy weather, we still enjoyed ourselves.

We really enjoyed a carefree weekend filled with:
5 star accommodations,a king size bed & our own bathrooms

movies @ the condo( I FINALLY saw Pride & Prejudice), eating out,
games(Skipbo, chicken feet & a very competitive game of Catch Phrase),

an awesome movie out(Angels & Demons),

more junk food than our tummies could handle(Lisa's huge yummy pan of brownies,Diet Coke,Candy,Mountain Dew) our heads not hitting the pillow before 2 am each night, Jan driving us all around in her Suburban,

waking up by 8 am, church on Sunday,our annual after church photo shoot,

finally seeing the Lake on Sunday,

losing my wallet & not knowing it, Kristin finding my wallet by accident,photo opps.,


& the sun finally making its appearance the day we left. It REALLY was just a great weekend amongst the girlfriends. Thank you Kristin! Thank you for arranging another super girls weekend escape & sharing your beautiful condos with us. We are all looking forward to next year!


Julie said...

sounds like a fun weekend with girl friends. which pride and prejudice 2005 or BBC version ?

Raimi said...

Julie, it was the 2005 one! Now I need to read the book. I own it but just have never gotten around to it! I know,I know... shame on me!

kristen said...

Looks like some much needed fun, Raimi...I have one that last pic, that red fun! Ask her where she got it. :)

Patti said...

Raimi, you are so great! I seriously got on your blog tonight so I could be lazy and relive the weekend without blogging it. You got it exactly right...lots of laughing/learning with/about fabulous girlfriends. BTW, to your friend Kristen: that's me with the red bag and it is seriously the PERFECT purse...just enough pockets, BIG enough...Steinmart. :)

Now It's Just Camie... said...

oooh - so fun ... I am sad I missed it but glad you all had a super time.

Stephanie said...

Loved your blog post about our amazing weekend! SO FUN!!! I was absolutely draggin' on Monday, but it was so worth it.

lorelie said...

I love all the pics! It's great to see everyone's faces again! Sounds like a fantastic weekend in every way!!

Lisa said...

You are so fast!! I'm still trying to catch up. Loved all the pictures you took. Thanks for helping us capture the fun memories! Can't wait to see the layout!

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

So, so, so fun! Good for you!

katie said...

Looks like the best kind of weekend! Glad you had a great time.

erin said...

What a fun time! It makes me miss my Roseville girls! I'm so glad you were all able to get away. You deserve it!