Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's out for the summer...

WAHOOOOOOOOO! The last day of school has always been bitter sweet for me. It is even more so now as I watch my boys experience the last day of the school year. The sweet part is that it is summer vacation. There is nothing better than staying up LATE, sleeping IN, & just to be able to enjoy the LAZY DAYS of summer. The bitter part is saying goodbye to the new friends(and old)& the awesome teachers who my boys have grown to love this year. Their teachers were/are amazing. I always feel (so far in their short school careers) like my boys have been placed with the perfect teacher, the teacher they needed most for that particular school year. This year was no different. Carter had Mrs. Hawkins.

Carter loved being in her classroom & enjoyed every minute with her. She is a darling teacher who just made Carter feel loved. Heck, she made me feel loved. I sent her an email during the last week of school. I was telling her that Carter was already talking about missing her this summer. She replied back with a sweet email that said she & another second grade teacher were already talking about arm wrestling for Garrett & Brody . She then told me I could always have more children for them to arm wrestle for. Totally made my day & cracked me up!
Here is Carter & Mrs. Hawkins class.

Tanner enjoyed Ms. Willis' 4th grade class this year. He had a great year. She was a wonderful teacher who was so good to Tanner. Tanner is a focused student. This boy checks his backpack twice before leaving the house. That second check is to verify that all papers are signed & homework is complete. He does not do well sitting next to the class clown. Even though he might enjoy the antics of said class clown, he needs other focused students to sit by. Ms. Willis caught on to this right away & made immediate changes. I love the teachers who just know your children so well.

Tanner had an amazing last week of school. He enjoyed a student council party, a safety patrol party & a special breakfast for the honor roll students. He pulled off another semester with straight A's. We are so proud of him. To wind down the year, his class enjoyed a luau party @ the park.

Last but not least, the teacher gifts are a sweet bonus for me. I like to do something fun for the teachers, on top of the class gift cards.

I did this last year & they received rave reviews, so we did it again. We even rolled one up for Gloria, the crossing gaurd. We rolled colorful beach towels up. Next we tucked a magazine & sunscreen in with the towel & tied it off with cute ribbon.

These were the cards I made. They didn't match the towels but they were in envelopes so it was okay-LOL!

We are officially on summer vacation. After our crazy filled weekend(4 birthday parties, a graduation party, soccer fundraiser, out of town friend visiting,etc...) we just might be able to sleep in on Monday morning. Here's to catching some extra Z's.


Laurie said...

Do you ever sleep? I can't seem to get my act together that last week of school...there is so much going on and you show up all the rest of us moms with a super cute present? WOW! Good for you!

Denise Z. said...

Here's to summer vacations! Hope you and the boys have a great summer.(Can't wait to hear about all of their adventures. (Hey, is that Marty A. in the second picture of Tanner? I still remember him from H.O. and Q.G.!)

erin said...

Impressed, as ever, at your cleverness and ability to think of something so simple, cute, thoughtful...perfect. I will be copying your darling idea for next year! Enjoy your first week of break!

lorelie said...

Ok, I think I'm going to steal your wonderful teacher's gift idea! Our last week of school is this week. I love your creativity, like always.

Raejean said...

I'm stealing your thank you card, it's so cute! I might even steal your teacher gift idea. Thanks for posting your cute ideas for us to steal, I mean borrow :)

Lisa said...

Raimi, I took your teacher thank you gift idea and used it this year. What a awesome, inexpensive way to thank the teachers and get them started on a nice relaxing vacation. I added a Starbuck's gift card and a bar of chocolate to the beach towel and magazine. Thanks for the great idea!