Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amusement Park FUN

We had the chance to spend the day @ Six Flags, Marine World today. Our friends, the LaPrays had some extra, free passes. It was so kind of them to treat us to a day of fun. Thank you Keri & Scott. We left @ 9 am & didn't get home until 10 pm. We opened & closed the park today...FUN

First up on the agenda, to ride as many rides,(especially)roller coasters as we could.

The weather was perfect, a cool 85 degrees. We could not have asked for a better weather, considering the 107 degree weather we've been having @ home.

We hit the Shouka whale show.

A few of the kids wanted to sit in the Splash Zone. Not only did they sit in the Splash Zone, but they sat in the front row! They were totally soaked by the end of the show but totally loved every minute of it.

Keri & I( and a couple of the kids), on the other hand, wanted to stay dry.

Another perk that comes from sitting in the front row is the Chance to be picked for the trivia game. The MC picked 5 people out of the hundreds of us sitting in the stands to play her trivia game. She happened to pick Tanner. Here he is on the big screen.

His question was, "How many times does Shouka brush her teeth"?
Does anyone know the answer?

The answer was D, "twice a day". Tanner got it right & won a stuffed animal(a seal) & a t-shirt. He was thrilled & said he knew the answer because he had read it on a wall, in the park earlier in the day. See, it totally pays to read for fun! You learn something new every day!

We checked out the butterfly exhibit. I have never seen so many colorful butterflies in one place. They were amazing & beautiful.

Last but not least, we were able to track down a few of the characters to get our pictures taken with. Thanks again to the LaPrays for our super fun day! My boys are still talking about all of the rides we rode & what they want ride, over & over again.t ride, over &


Debby said...

Great pics...looks like a fun day!

erin said...

Looks like a fun day. A couple of years ago we did SeaWorld in San Diego. The boys talked us into sitting in the splash zone. Even with ponchos we were soaked, but we made the jumbo-tron and got soaked, so the boys loved it! No pictures, because I was afraid to pull out my camera, but hopefully their memories will last!

Kerrie said...

So fun that you and Keri are still so close! Looks like a fun day!