Sunday, December 2, 2007

Nativity Pageant

The Ward Christmas party has come & gone. Let me tell you, it felt like we were forever in the planning process. Then the night comes & goes in a blink. We started the evening with a few musical numbers & then the children performed the nativity. The Primary children did such a great job with their lines, the songs, & they just looked so cute in their costumes. We ended the evening with photos with Santa, a dessert bar loaded with all sorts of treats & hot chocolate & a great time visiting with friends. . I could not have pulled this party off with out Camie. She was the creative brain behind the nativity. Her costume ideas were so cute & the sets she created were fabulous. Thank you so much Camie! Keri was also a huge help. She ran my kitchen crew. Thanks Keri, I so appreciate your help.Tanner was Joseph & Carter was wise man. They had a great time dressing up. John was trying to take pictures, juggle the little boys & then my card didn't have any more room for pictures. I will update with more photos when I get them from my friend.It was a great way to kick off our December. I am looking forward to enjoying each day in December & I hope you do too!


Stephanie said...

You guys did a fabulous job with the party. Thank you so much! I'll send what pictures I have your way.