Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Festivities have begun!

The first week of December has come & gone.
So far, we have:
-put up our tree(twice)
-decorated our house.
-put the lights up outside
-Wrapped a few presents.
-Finished making a few cards for family.
-Finished addressing Christmas cards.
-A little Christmas shopping with my Mom.
-Worked on the Grandma gifts.
-Enjoyed the Relief Society Progressive dinner
-Hot chocolate while looking @ Christmas lights.
-Christmas music on heavy rotations

I am working on a 31 days of Christmas album & am snapping photos daily for this little scrapbook. Our December has gotten off to a great start. We are looking forward to the rest of the month & all of the festivities we still have yet to enjoy! What are you enjoying these days?


Ben & Shelly Edwards said...

Wow! Is those lights on your house in the picture? it looks beautiful.

Raimi said...

No. It is a house that we looked @ last night while driving around.. I will have to post pictures of our house sometime this week.

Annie said...

Looks like fun!!! And, I would love to see the decorations on your house. We didn't do the outside this year. Lack of motivation, my only excuse!!

katie said...

I was going to be impressed that it was your house. However, I'm truly impressed with everything else you've done.