Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 days...

till Christmas! If you have children in the house or work retail, I am sure you are aware of this! My boys are giddy with excitement! Christmas can not come fast enough. My friend Camie gave us this cute picture frame where we can count the days down (thanks Camie). My boys don't let us forget & remind us when it needs to be changed.

A few highlights from the last few days:

-Garrett has learned how to ride a two wheeler @ the age of 3 1/2. I was a t the scrapbook store tonight so there weren't any cars in the garage. John said he found Garrett out there riding his bike in circles ( without training wheels) with a huge smile on his face. He is so excited.

- Garrett went ice skating today on a preschool field trip. He did really well & was skating by himself @ the end of our session.

-One more day of school for the older boys.

-My shopping is done WOOT-WOOT!

-We have lots of wrapping left to do!

- John is on vacation till the New Year.
-Lots of holiday parties @ the school.

Are you ready for Christmas? What's left on your to do list?


lizzie said...

i want a sled for me to ride on when we go skating!

Lisa said...

Wow, way to go Garrett!! I really to need to work with Brittney this week and get her doing it. Hopefully she will get it this time. Maybe Kimberly as well. Looks like ice skating was successful too. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!