Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas to All!

We hope you all had a a very Merry Christmas! We can't believe it's over. Our house says other wise. It seriously looks like a tornado ripped thru our house yesterday. Christmas day was fabulous. We started off @ home enjoying Santa gifts & opening presents. The boys kept yelling that this was the BEST Christmas ever. Everyone seemed pleased with all of their presents. Tanner received some new golf clubs & DS games that he has been wanting! Carter received some new golf clubs & games too! I think Garrett had the best morning ever. This was the first year that he really understood what what going on - LOL! He got a new bike with a new helmet. He kept saying "my new bike, my new bike". John bought him motorcycle PJ's & when he opened them he said "SO COOL". It was so cute & so much fun to watch! The magic of Christmas! Then Tanner commented that the only thing that Santa didn't bring them was a Wii. John & I told him that Santa doesn't always bring everything on our lists. Tanner was okay with that. John started to open his presents & Brody had bought him the Call of Duty 3 Wii game. The boys looked so confused. John told them that Santa must have misplaced one of the gifts. And sure enough, they found a big Santa bag that had the Wii, Nun chucks, & a few games in it. The boys went wild & were super excited & so LOUD! It was so fun to watch. We were on the road by 11 am & made it to my parents by 1 pm. We enjoyed my Moms yummy scones with carmel syrup & her homemade carmels- YUM! Once everyone was there, we had to get all of the family shots. It is becoming quite the chore with 10 grandchildren! We were able to get a few cute shots (at least everyone was looking @ the camera)! Then we opened presents & enjoyed the festivities with Grandma & Grandpa. Our next stop was Great Grandma & Grandpa's. More cousins, more food, & more memories were made.
My Grandma sent me home with her Nativity set yesterday! It made me get all teary eyed. They just don't have the energy to put up all of their decorations each year. They are beginning to down size their Christmas stuff. Receiving her manger scenes was the best gift I received yesterday (along with my license plate frame)! I have always loved her nativity. It is even more special because it was a gift to my Grandma from my Grandpa. I can't wait to put it out next year. It will have to go somewhere high enough that it can be protected :). Our wise men (2 of them) lost hands this season :) due to a curious 3 year old.

We truly hope your December has been a month filled with LOVE, PEACE & JOY. We hope you were able to enjoy all of the sights, sounds & smells that December holds!
P.S. Pictures will be another post!


katie said...

I bet you love the nativity. Mine is up high for the same exact reason. I already have an earless donkey. Sweet children. Glad you got a WII. Can't find them anywhere here. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

What does your license plate frame say?


lizzie said...

what fun! we love our wii!

Jordan, Annie & Allie said...

Sound like a great Chrismas! Isn't it so fun with kids!? I can't wait to do it again next year! Merry Christmas!!!