Friday, December 14, 2007

7 months old today & "do you see what I see"?

Mr. Brody is 7 months old today. I really did think that this last baby was going to stay a baby forever. Boy was I wrong! Do you see what I see in this first picture? Yes, that is Brody standing @ the coffee table. He is pulling himself up on everything (walls, coffee table, the bench, etc...) So here's what Brody is up to @ 7 months:
-he is wearing 12-18 months clothes.
-he wears a size three diaper.
-he is drinking 8 oz. of formula @ each feeding.
-he is doing really well with the cereal & food.
-he likes to grab our faces & suck, eeer I mean kiss our cheeks.
-he crawling so fast & is all over the place. Loves to bee line for the Christmas tree when we aren't watching.
-he sat on Santa's lap for the first time(didn't cry but sure looked him up & down)
-he snorts when he crawls.
-he is very ticklish(especially on the inside of his cute Little thighs!
-he waves when he wants to (does not perform on demand)
-he has decided when he will sleep thru the night & when he will not-uugghhh!
-he now sleeps in a crib that has been lowered as far as it can be due to pulling himself up.
-he saw his first movie in the theatre(Alvin & the Chipmunks) .
-he will no longer be riding in the infant car seat, big boy seat here he comes!

We sure are enjoying this little boy! The little shirt he had on today read "Unbearably cute" & is so true if I do say so myself. We're glad he's ours!


Annie said...

He is absolutely adorable!! By the way your tree is gorgeous!