Sunday, June 5, 2011

to do list - Summer 2011

After brainstorming for a bit and trying to do anything to will the warmer weather to join us, this is what our family decided we would like to do this Summer. I should mention, this list is in no particular order.

* cement slides
* scout Camp
* Lake Tahoe
* B&N reading club
* Farmers Market
* Twilight Camp
* Baker Beach
* Ride bikes from the Golden Gate Bridge down to Pier 39
* Folsom Lake
* bowling
* soccer camps
* go camping at Memorial Park
* Drive In movies
* make homemade lemonade
* water Park
* celebrate Garrett's birthday
* All Star games
* Six Flags
* picnic in the park
* Aunt Raimi Camp - cousins over to stay for a few days
* Read. Read. Read.
* find the Shaved Ice Shack and enjoy the different flavors
* keep journals
* teach the boys to cook
* science Experiments
* F.H.E. in the park with friends
* slip n' slide
* soccer tournaments
* berry picking
* Sacramento Temple at sunrise for a devotional
* swim days at the A.C.
* swim lessons
* water balloons
* Santa Cruz(Friday night concert on the beach)
* make rainbow pancakes
* family bike rides
* water fights
* Concert @ Sleep Train
* Sunsplash
* make fried green tomatoes

We realize our list is lofty. We are really hoping to put a big dent in our list by Summer's end. We will keep you posted. Bring on the SUN.


katie said...

Other than leaving, "visit Utah" off the list, that list is awesome! I want to come and do all of that with you!

mer said...

love this list and i can't wait to hear about all of your upcoming adventures!!! :)

Annie said...

i agree with katie. my dad is still waiting to take the boys to a soccer game! have a great summer:)

Laurie, the girls and Scott said...

My kids and I will be right over!

Jen said...

I just copied your list as a basis to start our list from!