Thursday, June 2, 2011

School is out for the Summer

I can't believe we have finished another school year. It didn't feel like the last day of school is a little chilly!

This is what the boys took to their teachers as their last day of school present. Tanner asked me last night(at 9 pm) if we could make a few more for his teachers. He has 7 teachers. I told him he had to pick his two favorite teachers. :-) I have to thank my friend, Denise Z. for sending the idea my way. It was perfect. We found the cute plastic cups, filled them with Crystal Light packets, created the cute flags. tied a fun, colorful bows and they were complete. Easy Peasy!

I threw my last party as Room Mom this school year. We decided to make it simple and had an ice cream party. Lots of ice cream with all sorts of toppings = happiness. It was fun getting to know all of these cute kiddos this year...very well behaved children with big hearts.

I am so proud of my boys. They had a wonderful school year. They had amazing teachers who put their hearts and souls into their jobs. Tanner maintained his 4.0 GPA the entire school year. 6th grade was an interesting year but he pulled it off with a smile and good grades. Woot-Woot. Carter had a great school year too. All A's and one B. Awesome! Garrett had a super year and improved academically(across the board). He worked so hard and had a super teacher who worked with him. He finished with flying colors.

We are looking forward to a fun filled Summer!


Kristen said...

LOVE that idea! I will have to steal it next year!!! :) Happy Summer Krupp family!

mer said...

happy summer sweet family!!! what a cute gift idea... i bet those teachers love you raimi! :)

sanpinney said...

Where did you find the cups? I've only seen them at Old Navy and they only had pink. :o)