Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday

Another birthday to celebrate at our house. Garrett is now 7. He reminded us several times a day, weeks leading up to his big day that all he wanted was a SF Giants jersey, a MLB SF Giants baseball hat and doughnuts. He was surprised to find his bedroom door wrapped with wrapping paper and presents attached to it. He tore it down before I could snap a photo of it, in fear of Brody snatching the candy and inhaling it. We hung it back up, hence the wrinkled wrap paper. I promise it looked nice when he woke up!

Garrett's wishes were granted. We kind of threw him off by wrapping his presents(like the hat) in different boxes(like shoe boxes). He also received a Slip n' Slide, clothes, gift cards and cash. His birthday landed on a very busy Saturday(the older boys had a playoff game, team party and Mom had a wedding to attend). We made his morning fun and he ended his day with pizza,cake and ice cream. He loved the birthday phone calls from family and the Happy Birthday snail mail. What a great day! Happy Birthday, cute Garrett. We sure do love you!


Brenda Johnston said...

I love the "birthday cake" donut idea! I might have to steal that one!

mer said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! Love that last photo - so cute!!!