Tuesday, May 4, 2010

we {heart} our teachers

I could not have hand picked better teachers for my boys this year. They have been perfect for each of my boys, individually. Tanner's teacher has been wonderful getting him ready for middle school next year. He would say she is on the strict side but loves her none the less. I still can't believe I will have a middle schooler - eeeeeeppppp. Carter's teacher has made the 3rd grade experience perfect for him. She is a real animal lover & Carter has enjoyed the various stories they have read about animals, being the animal lover that he is. He loves the stories she shares about her own pets. She motivates him to do his best. Garrett's teacher has made a huge impact on Garrett's growth this year. He has grown leaps and bounds in the academic area.
We seriously have been so blessed to have wonderful teachers in our lives this year and in years past. They know what their doing. I have so much respect for teachers who love their job, who teach with love and have the desire to help my children grow, day in and day out. They are awesome.

I have made a few gifts this week that the boys will give to their teachers in honor of teacher appreciation week. I can't share all of the items yet. We still have a few days to share our gifts with them. This is what the boys took to their teachers today.

I found the idea for this fun treat on a super fun craft blog...loving these girls and their ideas. Love the ideas even more when I have all of the pattern paper and cardstock in my stash...a positive for hoarding scrapbook supplies for
sure :-).


katie said...

Darling Raimi.....the girls are taking bags of chocolate covered cinnamon bears tomorrow to their teachers. It was my excuse to buy them and eat a few!

We too love our teachers....I have a HUGE amount of respect for them!

Barb said...

Okay - what is the craft blog that you found the idea? I need to do something this week and need all the help I can get.
Your treats look so fun, I might have to steal your idea. :)

erin said...

It is our teacher appreciation week too. It's funny because I thought, "I should check Raimi's blog so I can copy her clever ideas." You always come up cute, thoughtful and unique ideas! Too bad I'm lazy!

Lisa said...

so cute!! i was just reading about it on Cami's. They will love it!!
Yes, our teachers are great!!

mer said...

you are the cutest mom ever and i'm sure a teacher's (or two or threes) dream! :)