Saturday, May 22, 2010

birthday date

The boys look forward to their yearly birthday date with Aunt Petra! She comes down for each one of their birthdays. She takes them to the store of their choice. She then lets them cruise the toy aisles to find the toy of their dreams. This time it was Brody's turn. He loved spending some one on one time with Aunt Petra. He came home with an Iron Man costume and an Iron Man Nerf Gun...lets not forget the piece of candy too. We had to laugh at his birthday pick this year. He has not seen the Iron Man movies but obviously the marketing is working on the youngest of customers. Thanks for the fun afternoon, Aunt Petra!


mer said...

what a sweet tradition! my mom still talks fondly about an aunt that did this for them... as one of five children it was one of the few times she got new clothes (instead of hand-me-downs) and a day all to herself :) i know your boys will look back and be so grateful for their yearly adventure!