Friday, May 7, 2010

Here are a few more teacher appreciation ideas. We printed another fun saying from my favorite, super fun craft blog. We wrapped up some yummy {Summer}Lemon-Vanilla lotion, polka dot socks and lip gloss {all found at Bath & Body}.

I am the room Mom for Tanner's class this year. In honor of Teacher Appreciation week, I sent an email out to the entire class, giving them some ideas of simple things that could be done for Ms. H. during Teacher Appreciation week. Here is the list.
Monday: a flower from your garden. I brought a vase and we made a nice bouquet.
Tuesday: children's note, expressing what they liked about Ms. H
Wednesday: children's hand drawn picture of Ms. H.
Thursday: a treat for the teacher, not necessarily candy.
Friday: a note from the parents to the teacher, expressing their thanks.

As an optional gift, I made this flower pot and asked anyone who would like to contribute a gift card to one of Ms. H.'s favorite stores to please do so.

I then, used a glue dot to secure the each gift card to a flower. This was the finished project that we presented to Ms. H. this morning.

Again, I am so grateful for wonderful teachers who love my boys,love their jobs and do those jobs so well on a daily basis. Happy Teacher Appreciation week.


lorelie said...

You always go up and beyond to make people feel so special. I'm certain the teachers were just beaming from your love and creativity! Thanks for making the world a better place (and a prettier place at that!).

brandi said...

i hope you had a great mothers day, because you are a great mother!!

erin said...

I bet the teachers in the grades ahead of your boys have some major fights trying to determine which one of them will get one of your boys (and YOU for the coming year)!

PS- can you tell me about your label. Did you print them? Fonts? So cute... Thanks?