Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday

I can't believe my baby boy is 3 years old today! We have been prepping him for his big day for the last month. He can tell you that his birthday is on May 14th and that he is going to be three. We have found him singing Happy Birthday to himself daily. It is a big deal...he is a big deal.

At age 3, here are a few of his favorites:
- he is enthralled with Toy Story 1 & 2.
- he informed us that he wants to go to cowboy camp (see above enthrallment).
- anytime we get in the car and the music is on,he will always ask you if it is John Mayer.
- ask him to sing you his John Mayer-Mayer-Mayer/ELLLLLLEEEEENNNN song. It is funny!
- he is always singing. oh how he loves to sing.
- he loves, loves, loves Books. We start each morning reading a few books. His favorite books today are the FROGGY books.
- he loves to play baseball. He has the catchers stance down to a "T" & loves to run the bases.
- he loves to dress himself and changes his clothes multiple times a day.
- he loves to count and sing his ABC's.
- he loves bubble gum...we just wish he'd chew it instead of swallowing it.
- he loves to be out front, riding his bike.
- he loves to go to nursery each Sunday.
- he can destroy his clean room in about 2 minutes flat.
- he is very independent. He wants to do everything by himself.
- he is bashful around strangers but once he warms up, he's your friend for life.

He is pure happiness in my world. He is my little companion on a daily basis. He makes me laugh and reminds to remember the simple throwing pennies in the fountain and then falling in that same fountian :-). He reminds me that life is too short too stress over a messy little boys room.
Happy Birthday, Brody! I love you!


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

Happy Birthday to him

Morgan said...

He sounds so much like my 3 year old! Happy Birthday little man!!!

brandi said...

wow 3...i have missed him the last few months, happy brody!

Meridee said...

I love your birthday posts. What a cutie!

Denise Z. said...

You forgot "he likes liver!" LOL! Happy Birthday, Brody!

Annie said...

may birthdays are BEST! happy birthday to your very handsome 3 year old!

Kerrie said...

Nothing like celebrating your babies birthday!