Tuesday, February 23, 2010

happy memories

Look what I got to bring home from Green Tangerines on Saturday night.

This is the second {huge} stack of layouts that have been returned to me. There were a couple of layouts from the GTKC but most of the layouts were a year and a half worth of kit of the weeks. I took some time yesterday to put all of my layouts into albums. I was able to fill two empty albums...wow! The boys have loved looking at all of the old/new layouts. There were lots of "remember when" & "I loved doing that/going there" comments. Those comments confirmed to me that this is why I love to scrapbook. I love recording the happy memories & having them all in one place for my family to enjoy.


Lisa Dones said...

What a wonderful treat!!! I am really going to miss your KOTW's. Any updates on a possible rellocation??

denise z said...

Have you seen our self-portrait layouts we did way back when at one of the first employee meetings? I would love to get mine back (or at least get a chance to make a copy of it)!

Lisa said...

so sad!! I'll miss that place. I'm so glad you have 2 albums done like that!!