Friday, February 26, 2010

character counts

garrett received an award at school today. this is always a surprise to the student. once the parent(s) walk into the classroom, they are onto you & the surprise is over.
each month, there is a character trait that the entire student body is asked to focus on. this months trait was respect. the teacher takes a minute to tell the class why this student earned this particular award. this is what garrett's teacher had to say about him:

this student makes good choices in the classroom and keeps his promises by staying on a blue bear. I can trust that this friend will work hard, even when i am not looking! He shows he is respectful by always trying his very best to share and play by the rules. this respect award goes to: garrett

he was a little bashful at first{totally surprised me} & then was all smiles when his teacher shared what garrett had done to earn his award. we are so proud of garrett and how hard he has worked this year. he has grown, leaps and bounds and continues to do so.
way to go garrett, keep up the awesome job!

two of his friends earned awards today,too. way to go f and d.


Denise Z. said...

CONGRATULATIONS, again, to Garrett! So fun to see him and his award yesterday (and you and Brody, too!)

Laurie said...

Those are the BEST awards you can see your child get! Way to go Garrett!!! (Way to go Raimi and John too!)

Anonymous said...

Go Garrett! So awesome!!! Glad you got to bring your award by the store :)

katie said...

Awesome job to Garrett! Such a cute kid!