Saturday, February 20, 2010

one last scrappy hour

green tangerines closed early tonight & the staff got last night to crop. we all brought food to munch on & projects to work on. the food was devoured and the projects stayed in their bags. we had fun visiting & just chatting. we played a few rounds of catch phrase. we laughed so hard, i cried. i always learn new things & new ways to phrase things when i play that game. i am so thankful for these girls & the friendships that have been formed over the last 3 years. they are all amazing & will always hold big spots in my heart.


mer said...

i think we should do a game night once a month... i've heard about all of the shananigans but not stayed late enough for all of the giggles :)

Kristen said...

what a bittersweet night! i wish i had stayed longer for the gaming fun as well!