Saturday, February 20, 2010

happy birthday...

to my sweet mama. today is her special day. my mom is one amazing lady. on her special day, i thought i would share a few things that i admire about her.

- she is the kindest person i know...constantly thinking of others & what she can do for them. it is never about her.

- she is a wonderful/gifted teacher. she is s teacher on all a mother, boss, grandma, and sunday school teacher at school.

- she has a big heart with lots of love to share.

- she is so cute. she has a wonderful smile.

- she is an amazing public speaker. she can get up in front of a crowd with such ease. she is very eloquent when she speaks. when she speaks, everyone listens.

- she is the handout queen. these aren't just any handouts. they are adorable & so sandy.

- she is very loyal. that saying "i've got your back" comes to mind when i think of her. she is always there...for everyone.

- she is very thoughtful. i often get notes, emails, and phone calls that just say "i'm thinking of you today".

- she loves her family. it is evident in all she says and does.

- she is a lady filled with so much compassion. she has worked for the rape crisis center(now the director of 3 of their centers) for 25 plus years. that is a alot of years/time to be in the thick of something that is not pleasant to deal with. she has answered many late night calls from victims. she has been their support during medical exams at the hospital. she has been their support through their court trials. she has been their support during the healing process. she is simply amazing.

- she is every ones best friend. she is the type of woman that everyone wants in their circle of friends.

- she is extremely talented...on all levels. i am jealous of her sewing skills. she can create anything. so much so, that my 7th grade home ec teacher told me that she knew my mom & knew I could do a better job(during the sewing unit). yeah, her reputation is awesome. our family favorites are the denim quilts she has made for our family. she is making one for each of her grandchildren. I think the kindergartners get theirs this year :-). she made all of our wedding invites (275 of them). they were/are gorgeous. so much love & time were put into each invite.

as you can see, there are so many things i love about my sweet mom.
happy birthday, mom. i love you & can't imagine my world without you or your example. i hope this year is filled with wonderful adventures & blessings.

please help me wish my mom, a happy birthday today.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sandy! A well deserved post to the best mother-in-law. Wishing you the best on you birthday and we love you!


lorelie said...

Happy Birthday Sandy!!! I can see that Raimi had such an amazing teacher with you being her mom...and she's just like you!! Thanks for helping make the world a much more wonderful place.

Jen said...

Whay a sweet tribute to your Mom. SHe is wonderful!

Meridee said...

Happy Birthday Sandy. You have been a wonderful teacher/student to your sweet daughter. And Raimi has been a wonerful student. I'm grateful to have her as a friend.

katie said...

Happy Birthday Sandy! Lots of love from ALL of us in Utah!

Anonymous said...
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kathy said...

- she is every ones best friend. she is the type of woman that everyone wants in their circle of friends.

Danny & Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to Sandy, Happy Birthday Tooooo Yooooou! And many more....

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie,
What a wonderfully sweet tribute. If I have done anything well it would be in raising kids that I really now cherish as friends. You have exemplified for ME how kindness and generosity works. Thank you for ALL you do for this family.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday Sandy! You know I am thinking of you today and hoping your day is extra special the way that you are. I still have your list and it gives me courage.


erin said...

You forgot to say, "maker of fabulous daughters, who are also great, thoughtful friends" (But that probably goes without saying!) :) Happy birthday Sandy. I know you are great just because I know your daughter!