Sunday, February 21, 2010

family fun

we had a super fun day with family. in honor of my mom's birthday, we made a day trip home to hang with the family & make my mom dinner. first stop, grandma & grandpa shores house. we sure enjoy visiting with them.

i had grandma pull out a few of her christmas cards so i could snap a picture. she sure enjoyed all of the cards that you all sent to her. she said that she has gained quite a few new grandchildren :-). thanks for helping to brighten her january.

next stop, my parents home. we enjoyed watching the kids play, we got to see malakai. he was injured in a soccer game the day before. he was casted from his thigh to his foot. we made dinner, watched my mom open birthday presents & enjoyed cake and ice cream.

we are thankful that we are a short ( 2 1/2 hour) car ride from home. we all agreed that we need to get together more often, regardless of our children's crazy athletic events.


Annie said...

you have such a great family!!! we hope to maybe see you this summer...

we live 45 minutes away from my mom and dad, and i feel lucky to be that close:) even though it seems so far sometimes!!!

Stephanie said...

Your Grandma is so cute. I got a card from her in the mail the other day and it was sweet. It has been a while since I got a nice card in the mail. It made my day. Tell her thank you for me!