Saturday, December 5, 2009

district cup champs

Carter had an amazing soccer season. This was his first year playing select soccer. His little team, team BATTLE was A-MAZING. The boys just gelled. The coaches put their hearts & soul into this team & made the season so much fun for ALL of the boys. So, after the regular season ended, team BATTLE played in the District Cup. Carter’s team took first place, taking that District Cup title. He had two hat tricks during this tournament but our absolute favorite play, was the goal he headed right in to the goal box. His pal, Hunt took a corner shot that Carter just nailed right into the goal. Not gonna lie, it was AWESOME.

The rule is, if any of the boys get a header during a game, their parents have to buy ice cream for the team. Since it was a warm 48 degrees that weekend, we opted to treat the team to homemade cookies & chocolate milk.

Now that the regular season is over, Carter has moved on to indoor soccer. This boy really does keep us in the car.