Thursday, December 17, 2009

oh, the anticipation nearly sent him over the edge. Garrett went with me to pick up our mail. That is a story in of itself. Our mailbox, the cluster box was broken into during the
2nd week of December. If you know me, you know that I love snail mail. I especially love it during the month of December. I love all of the Christmas cards & photos from friends & family.I race to the mailbox each day. So...having to go down to our local post office has been a royal drag. On this particular day, Garrett had come with me. When the clerk handed our mail to us, Garrett was so excited to see the four green envelopes with the North Pole return address labels. He knew that his letter from Santa was in that pile. I made him wait to open his letter. I wanted all of the boys to open their letters together. It was a long afternoon for Garrett. It is another yearly tradition that we all look forward to. I am glad we could enjoy it together. Each of them were able to read their letter to the entire family. It was fun to hear how busy Santa & his elves are, the week before Santa. It was neat to hear Santa compliment each of the boys on their individual efforts for this year.The boys LOVED hearing that Santa was working hard to fulfill their wish lists. We can't wait to see what he leaves for each one of them on Christmas Eve.


Lisa said...

What a great idea! Does it make your older boys still believe? You'll have to send me an email on how you get Santa to send the boys a letter each year!