Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy december

Can you believe we are in the month of December? This has been the fastest moving year of our lives.

We love December! With the new month, many traditions are upon us. December 1st is a big day filled with fun traditions at our house. The first tradition was added to our already existing traditions,last year. Not really a new one, but a new one for the 1st day of December. The boys received their new Christmas jammies to wear, starting tonight. This is the 1st year, in the last 9 years(of having multiple children), that all my boys have not had matching jammies to wear. The younger boys got the fitted jammies(Gymboree) & the older boys got flannel drawstring pants with t-shirts(Target).They used to get them on Christmas Eve but then my friend, Stephanie T., turned me on to the idea of the boys getting their jammies at the beginning of December. That way they can enjoy them all month long.

Up next, advent calendars. This is a tradition carried over from John's Mom. John remembers getting one of these every year. He warned the boys not to do what their Aunt Heidi did many years ago. One year, she opened her entire calendar on the first night(after she was in bed) & devoured all of the chocolate. She never got another calendar after that year :-).

Before heading to bed, the boys made Christmas countdown chains. Another great way to use my scrapbook supplies. Apparently, one chain was not enough. Everyone got in on the fun & made one! Let the countdown to Christmas 2009 begin.


Annie said...

fun! i think matthew is getting those same jammies from gymboree. they are so cute! great traditions, thanks for sharing!

erin said...

Great idea w/ the jammies! My sister's kids get their from one of Santa's elves along w/ a note praising their good behavior (and a few suggestions for improvement during the month)! :)

Jacqueline said...

Jammies are very cute! You've reminded me I need to get our advent calendars out. What is wrong with me?!! You are such a good Mom Raimi!

Lisa said...

wow, we all had to take turns with the advent calendar. Every 11 days we opened a window. Never thought about everyone getting their own. Maybe i'll have to start that with my kids???

Debby said...

Great traditions, Raimi. Thanks for sharing.