Saturday, December 5, 2009

for a good cause

My friend, Patti invited me to join her to be part of the Tommy Apostolo shopping spree. Let me start of by saying that this is being added to the "yearly traditions" list. What a rewarding experience & a wonderful way to kick off my December. Patti & I headed down to Kohl's @ 5:00am this morning. We stood in line & at 5:30 am were paired up with a child in need. The parents waited out in the parking lot while all of the volunteers helped their children shop. We were able to help Daniel pick out $125.00 worth of items. We helped him find shoes, socks, jammies,jeans, and a couple of shirts. Daniel was able to sit on Santa's lap & pick out a new book & stuffed animal too! I had to hold back the tears a few times as I watched all of these volunteers run around Kohl's helping these children pick out some very basic items. I am so glad Patti included me in this event. Thanks Patti. I will never forget the way I felt & the joy in those children's eyes.

You can get more information by clicking on this Tommy Apostolo link. What I love about this foundation is that all of the money raised stays right here in our community. It helps the children who attend the schools in our neighborhoods. If you are ever looking for a good cause, a place to donate your money...this is a wonderful way to make a difference.


lorelie said...

That is such an amazing thing to do. I'll have to see if they have something like that out here too.